The peace of mind that comes with experience is invaluable, and we pour it into every home we build. 


We understand the nature of what we're doing -- we're building a home, the place where life is lived.  A house is one thing -- home is another. 


As they say, home is where the heart is.  we want our homes to be blessings, giving life to those who are there. 


Available Homes

WebDesigns_1272 Lot 6 WC.png

The cottonwood

Hayes Walk

WebDesigns_The Willow - 1258 - lot 4 WC .png

The willow

Hayes Walk

1049 Mantissa St.

Underwood Hills

WebDesigns_The Magnolia - 1258 - lot 2.png

The magnolia

Hayes Walk

WebDesigns_The Laurel - 1258 - lot 3 WC.png

The Laurel

Hayes Walk

WebDesigns_The SilverBell - 1258 - lot 5 WC.png

Silver bell

Hayes Walk


The Hawthorne

Hayes Walk


Featured Builds


1048 Seaboard Ave.

Underwood Hills


1032 Seaboard ave

Underwood Hills


2933 Mann St.


Remodeling and Home Design